Salt Free Conditioner

Our salt free conditioner prevents hard water scale build up through nano-technology and is a great alternative to a water softener. No more salt 50lb bags of salt to buy and lift. If you want less salt in your diet and in the environment the salt free conditioner is for you.

Removes Unwanted Contaminants

Most physicians recognize the need for less salt and the removal of chlorine, lead, mercury, pesticides, petroleum, and other contaminants for a healthier body. Today we have been told that we experience more toxic exposure through skin absorption than consumption. Reports indicate that we absorb 3 to 8 times more contaminants through our skin and body openings than by drinking the water. (American Public Health Journal, May 1984).

Hanson's Water Treatment Center has taken the benefits of the salt free conditioner and added a filtration system to produce an even better water system. This system removes unwanted contaminants and gives the user unlimited spring like bottled water at every tap in the house. Because no chemicals are added, only essential minerals remain for a healthy diet.

The Salt Free Conditioner System comes in many sizes and adapts to all plumbing. Waste water is minimized and there is very little maintenance. If you are looking for a system with no salt, a system that reduces scale, and removes unwanted contaminants including chlorine, look no farther. We have a system for you!